I'm the official ambassador of Balk Shipyard to Russia.

Balk shipyard was founded in 1798. With more than 200 years of history, the company has developed into one of the world's leading experts in shipbuilding and refit of motor and sailing superyachts. Highly qualified specialists of the shipyard carry out each project in accordance with the highest quality standards, taking into account any wishes of the Yacht owners.

In 2002, Balk Shipyard was awarded the exclusive Dutch Royal Seal of Approval, which confirms the high quality of the services provided.

If you are going to build a new yacht or refit an existing one, I am always ready to answer your questions and provide additional information about the Balk Shipyard.

Only Yacht Superyacht Insurance is my general partner in motor and sailing yacht insurance.

With the headquarters ideally positioned within the Yacht Club of Monaco and offices in Antibes, London, Viareggio and in Fort Lauderdale (USA), OnlyYacht is a the market leader in providing superyacht and crew insurance protection.

The independent status and the global network of insurers & re-insurers Lloyd's broker allows OnlyYacht to offer my clients a bespoke solution to their exposures using the wealth of experience.

Third party liability, hull and machinery, health and life of guests on board, as well as insurance of new construction & refit projects — I will help you to make a right choice of the necessary insurance coverage.

Together with the Olivier van Meer Design studio, we provide clients with the full range of project management services during refit, rebuild or new construction.

Olivier van Meer Design studio is responsible for the overall design, naval architecture and engineering. We also provide Yacht owners and yards with separate design and consultancy, sometime we also work in cooperation with other specialists appointed by the client.

The OVM office has been involved in the construction, conversion and refit of over 600 projects since 1985, including private yachts as well as professional craft, new builds as well as conversions and refits.

OVM has many disciplines under one roof and can operate with considerable flexibility, dealing with everything from aesthetic and creative issues to technical, ready-to-build solutions.

Our broad range of expertise and know-how is available as a tailored answer to a single question or as a comprehensive consultation for a more complex issue.

The yacht to be transported comfortably and safely, it is necessary to take into account many nuances, and you can only trust professionals in this matter. My partner, Sevenstar Yacht Transport, is the world's leading provider of yacht transportation services on a lift-on, lift-off basis.

Sevenstar arranges the transport of around 2,000 yachts annually and are expanding in the growing economies of Asia, South America and Africa. Having an in-house operational team and over 120 of its own yacht transporters means that the care of the boat is never outsourced to an unknown contractor so all of us have full control of the yacht's care.

Loading, discharge, custom formalities, cradles, fastening, insurance — I will help you with all the tasks and make every effort to satisfy any of your requirements and provide a comprehensive service for transporting your yacht to any destination the world.

Together with the North-West Yacht School TrySail, I help everyone who is keen on yachting to improve their skills, get an IYT international certificate or just go on an exciting cruise with like-minded people.

Our team of professional instructors sincerely believe that yachting stereotypes of elitism and complexity are gradually becoming a thing of the past and the share of amateur yachtsmen is growing rapidly. For those who want to learn how to sail a yacht on their own, the question arises: "Where to start?" Of course, with the choice of a yacht school, and the North-West Yacht School is designed to help you with this!
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