"Off-season is the best time for maintenance and modernization of the yacht"

2 NOVEMBER / 2020
The beautiful Princess V60 was delivered to Turkey. There are the planned maintenance of all systems, the modernization of additional equipment and winter storage until next spring ahead!

"Survey of the Numarine 105HT motor yacht"

18 SEPTEMBER / 2020
Yacht purchase is a responsible event, especially for the first time. Selection of possible options, a trip with the client to the shipyard, preliminary survey, cost coordination, preparation of documents for the transaction, sea trials with a survey, closing the transaction, acceptance of the yacht and transfer to the crew with training in the use of equipment! The approximate order is as follows. Let's start!

"Another motor yacht from Finland delivered to St. Petersburg"

22 AUGUST / 2020

"Maintenance, acceptance and delivery of the seaworthy Dutch yacht Van Der Valk Continental!"
16 AUGUST / 2020

"Organization of refit and winter storage of the Fleming trawler yacht, as well as delivering to the Russian Federation during a pandemic"
21 JULY / 2020

"Managing the construction of the special-purpose speed boat and its delivery to the Russian Federation"
29 MAY / 2020

"Return of the yacht to Russia during a pandemic"
24 JANUARY / 2020
One shipowner decided to leave Turkey for Russia and cruise on his 30m yacht in the northwest region this season. There was no captain on board, only a sailor with an assistant, and the captain had no options to fly to Turkey due to quarantine. We found the captain in Turkey and hit the road! This is the "first swallow", the rest will soon follow...

"Re-registration of a yacht over 20 meters from the State Inspection of Small Vessels to the National Register of Ships"
24 JANUARY / 2020
It happens that a pleasure boat more than 20 meters in length has been registered with the State Inspection of Small Vessels for more than 5 years and it is impossible to sell it, re-registering it in the SISV. The transfer of ownership should take place within the same register and SISV in this situation is not an option! Yesterday I completed the procedure for such re-registration!

"Difficulty paying salaries and yacht expenses abroad?"
12 NOVEMBER / 2019
It is not always possible to pay the crew salaries and boat expenses remotely. The yacht is in Spain, the crew is without wages, there is no money for food and supplies!

Successfully organized the financing of salaries and operating expenses of the yacht remotely!
9 Petrovskaya Kosa, St. Petersburg, Russia