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14 SEPTEMBER / 2023
"Cannes Yachting Festival is an event that you look forward to all year long!"
The largest afloat exhibition of yachts in Europe attracts the attention of a large number of yachtowners and those who want to become one! Intensive work at the exhibition bears fruit over the next year: these are transactions for the purchase and sale of yachts, flag registration, construction supervision, insurance and transportation. Traditional cooperation with Turkish shipyards, as usual, brings a lot of positive emotions!
30 DECEMBER / 2022
"Dear Friends, it's time to summarize 2022's results!"
Beyond expectations, a lot of work has been done this year.
- More than 30 Seychelles companies have been opened and more than 60 boats and yachts registered under the flags of San Marino, Panama, Belize, Poland, Russia (State Ships registry, Russian International Ships registry, Small ship registry).
- Permanent cooperation and work with Classification Societies - RMSR, Rina, ABS for yachts' classification and annual inspections.
- San Marino Flag administration accreditation as yacht's above 24 meters surveyor. - Several interesting Sale and Purchase deals for yachts 16, 23, 32, 45 meters.
- Supervision of yacht construction in Turkey (Bering Yachts).
- Permanent work with NUMARINE Yachts (Turkey).
- Pleasure craft construction for Saint-Petersburg rivers and channels.
- Yacht insurance and yacht transport companies cooperation throughout the year.

Congratulate you with coming New Year! All the best!
8 SEPTEMBER / 2022
Cannes Yachting Festival is in full swing and our team is looking forward to seeing you at the most important and highly anticipated boat show of the season! World premieres, private events for clients, sea trials — we are ready to take you on a tour of the most iconic yachts of 2022. I also hasten to share important news: I have become an official partner of the San Marino, one of the most popular registrars among yacht owners at the moment. If you need to change the flag for a yacht, register a company, restore a lost or expired registration certificate, call me. I will help!

PS The exhibition is open until September 11. See you there! ;)
27 MAY / 2022
"The Princess fleet is replenished"
I organized and took part in the transfer of the Princess V60 motor yacht from Turkey to Volga river. A week ago, I successfully delivered a luxurious Princess 88 to Russia by the same route.
5 MAY / 2022
"Never stop!"
This week I arrived at Via Port Marina in Tuzla to inspect the Numarine explorers model range. It is from here that each yacht of this brand begins its wonderful journey, but firstly — completing, launching and sea trials. Everything must be perfect!
24 JANUARY / 2022
"Friends! I would like to summarize results for 2021!"
Thirty yacht registration cases under the different flags, including Russian International Ship Registry, seven initial surveys with Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, two motor yacht construction projects completion (37 and 28 meters), five trans ocean yacht transports arranged, twelve yachts insured, ten crew members employed and finally own re-certification as a Captain! Good health and good luck in new year to everybody!
17 JANUARY / 2022
"This is what professional maritime documents look like!"
This is 5.5 years of study, and in my case — 8. Not because I'm stupid ;) but because I started from childhood! Then dozens of years of work at sea, hundreds of shifts, several round-the-world trips — a huge experience. And there could have been a dissertation on psychiatry on colleagues, but I left to work on pleasure yachts in time!

I can solve any issue from finding an adequate crew member to building a 50 meter superyacht!
6 DECEMBER / 2021
А: "Let's arrange charter on Maldive Islands?
В: "Hmm, interesting, but there is no yacht there!"
А: "Will deliver!"
Soon or later yacht owner might think about own expenses compensation or even getting profits from his yacht!

Yacht charter — the most often idea coming into the head. Many legal questions and technical matters to deliver the 30 meter Benetti from Istanbul (Turkey) to Male (Maldives) have been studied and worked out for the last two months. Passing through Suez canal, working with Agents in different countries, bunkering and armed security (Somali passing by), passage planning were my tasks! My several around the world trips, yacht management experience and even pirate meeting in West Africa helping me to perform this task.

See you soon on Maldives!
1 OCTOBER / 2021
"World Superyacht Awards, Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show 2021 have been finished. A lot of meetings with potential clients and just pleasant people. Looking forward for new yacht construction and refit projects!"
12 AUGUST / 2021
"Dear Friends, No news from me doesn't mean, that my crew and I had a vacation..."
Vice versa, for the last two months, the new built motor yacht a bit less than 40 meters has been delivered and accepted, matters of Flag registration, insurance and loading on cargo ship successfully completed. At present time the assistance in yacht discharge from cargo ship, warranty questions, etc are in progress.

Due to confidentiality I cannot open the details for this yacht, sorry!
1 MAY / 2021
"Peace Labor may!"
Work at the Admiral shipyard is in full swing! The inspection showed good results.
24 APRIL / 2021
"How to celebrate your birthday? Go to Turkey to the shipyard to check the completed work on the refit of a motor yacht!"
Installation of a stern thruster, infrared camera, satellite TV, light pulse signals, river VHF, maintenance of all mechanisms and interiors. Good luck in the new season!
14 APRIL / 2021
"Have you been to Kamchatka?"
Help in changing the registration for the famous expedition superyacht La Datcha! A unique experience and a great team! For such moments in life, you need to thank fate! Thank you!
4 FEBRARY / 2021
"Authorisation from Belize adminisration for yacht condition survey"
I have got authorisation from Belize adminisration for yacht condition survey! As engineer-navigator with both commercial and yachting experience, state administration kindly authorised me to inspect the yachts technical condition in accordance with IMMARBE regulations. Belize flag has a number of advantages, if it's interesting, contact me for detailed explanations.
28 JANUARY / 2021
"Russian flag registration via Russian Class survey"
Pre-survey of the Benetti Sail Devision 90 motor yacht, its registration in Russian International Ship's Register and classification by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in Turkey!
12 JANUARY / 2021
"Benetti 100 Tradition now ready for upcoming season"
Maintenance, repairs, change of motor yacht Classification to RINA with hull and machinery survey, tests of all LSA and FFE, radio-navigational equipment and shaft line inspection of the Benetti 100 Tradition.
21 DECEMBER / 2020
"Let's sum up the 2020"
Reviewing the results of registrations for 2020: registration and technical inspection of 48 boats and yachts under the Russian flag in State Small Craft Register and State Ship's Register and 30 yachts under the foreign Jersey, Belize, Cook Islands, Delaware, BVI and Dutch flags. But not all the foreign flags allow to register the yacht for a Private person, that's why 26 companies have been opened by me in the UK, Belize, Seychelles islands and BVI. For foreign flag registration 16 Tonnage and Measurement surveys have been performed. Good results for this strange 2020!
26 NOVEMBER / 2020
"Registration procedure for Princess 25M"
Boat and yacht registration under the Russian flag is quite interesting and complex task in case Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is dealing with boat survey. Life Saving Appliances and Fire Fighting equipment inspection, hull and machinery survey, shaft line check and Stability calculations are just a part of tasks for Initial yacht survey. Just finished registration procedure for Princess 25M in Russian State Ship's Register.
2 NOVEMBER / 2020
"Off-season is the best time for maintenance and modernization of the yacht"
The beautiful Princess V60 was delivered to Turkey. There are the planned maintenance of all systems, the modernization of additional equipment and winter storage until next spring ahead!
18 SEPTEMBER / 2020
"Survey of the Numarine 105HT motor yacht"
Yacht purchase is a responsible event, especially for the first time. Selection of possible options, a trip with the client to the shipyard, preliminary survey, cost coordination, preparation of documents for the transaction, sea trials with a survey, closing the transaction, acceptance of the yacht and transfer to the crew with training in the use of equipment! The approximate order is as follows. Let's start!
22 AUGUST / 2020
"Another motor yacht from Finland delivered to St. Petersburg"
16 AUGUST / 2020
"Maintenance, acceptance and delivery of the seaworthy Dutch yacht Van Der Valk Continental!"
21 JULY / 2020
"Organization of refit and winter storage of the Fleming trawler yacht, as well as delivering to the Russian Federation during a pandemic"
29 MAY / 2020
"Managing the construction of the special-purpose speed boat and its delivery to the Russian Federation"
24 JANUARY / 2020
"Return of the yacht to Russia during a pandemic"
One shipowner decided to leave Turkey for Russia and cruise on his 30m yacht in the northwest region this season. There was no captain on board, only a sailor with an assistant, and the captain had no options to fly to Turkey due to quarantine. We found the captain in Turkey and hit the road! This is the "first swallow", the rest will soon follow...
24 JANUARY / 2020
"Re-registration of a yacht over 20 meters from the State Inspection of Small Vessels to the National Register of Ships"
It happens that a pleasure boat more than 20 meters in length has been registered with the State Inspection of Small Vessels for more than 5 years and it is impossible to sell it, re-registering it in the SISV. The transfer of ownership should take place within the same register and SISV in this situation is not an option! Yesterday I completed the procedure for such re-registration!
12 NOVEMBER / 2019
"Difficulty paying salaries and yacht expenses abroad?"
It is not always possible to pay the crew salaries and boat expenses remotely. The yacht is in Spain, the crew is without wages, there is no money for food and supplies! Successfully organized the financing of salaries and operating expenses of the yacht remotely!
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